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Happy April Fools Day

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Red Rose For My Valentine


Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart. As we are, Happy Valentines Day sweetheart.
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Wen a TOUCH could HEAL a wound
Wen EYES'S cud SPEAK volumes
Wen a SMILE can confirm I M THERE
then why do v need owrds 2 say'I LOVE YOU.'
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Ur precious love has
turned my life completely around,
I feel lik Im wlaking but
my feet dont seem 2 touch d ground..!!
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Ur only mine wen i dream.
wen i wake i wanna scream.
ur not mine im all alone.
i can only text u on my fone.
do dreams lie or r dey true-
i hope so cos babes i want u
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Valentine's for mothers, too --
A time to celebrate
Love in all its symphony,
Each gift of fertile fate.
No pasture is more rich in grass;
The sea is not so full;
In heaven all the stars are not
Near so plentiful,
Each mother's heart to fill.
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A kiss is just a kiss till u find the 1 u luv. A hug is just a hug till u find the 1 u're

always thinkin of. A dream is just a dream till it comes true. Luv was just a word

till I heard it from u.
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Valentine’s Day Shayari
Tere Naam Ko Honto Pe Sajaya He Mene.
Tere Ruh Ko Apne Dil Me Basaya He Mene.
Dunya Tumhen Dhondte Dhondte Ho Jaye Gi Pagal.
Dil Ke Aise Kone Me Chupaya He Mene.
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Tum Meri Valentine Ho
Chanda Say Barh Kay � SHINE � Ho
Aankhon Say Tum Ko Peeta Hoon
Sab Say Super �WINE� Ho
Gar Pyaar Main Tum Ko Number Doon
Ten Out Of � NINE � Ho
Koii Dost Nahi Ab Teray Siwa
Tum Meri Thi Tum � Mine � Ho.
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Smile in Pleasure
Smile in Pain
Smile when trouble pours like Rain
Smile when sum1 Hurts U
Smile becoz SOMEONE still
Loves to see u Smiling!!
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