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Can 2persons live with single BREATH

Yes in 2 cases

When a child is inside its MOTHER

when a friend like U is inside MY HEART<>
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Dear God,
I dont Need lot of friends as long as real ones stay with me .
Bless them all,
Especially the sweet 1 reading this SmS
Best Friends SMS send free sms
Whenever I look at my palm, I wonder which of those tiny cute crisscross lines made me so lucky to have a sweet & nice friend like U.
Friendship SMS send free sms
Foolon ne Amrit ka jaam bheja hai…,
Sooraj ne gagan se Salam bheja hai…,
Mubaarak ho Aapko nayi subhah…,
Tahe-Dil se Hamne ye Paigaam bheja hai..!!!
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A Perfrect Gift for U! Today! Absoloutely at no Cost, Non-taxable, Silent Peformance, Extremly Personal, Fully Returnable - it’s a SMILE from me. Enjoy & take care…
Best Friends SMS send free sms
Many times i have
disturbed 'U'
troubled 'U'
fooled 'U'
irritated 'U',

Today i just want to say


:)Good morning:)
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frenz r like sketch pens.they color our lives.I may not be ur favourite color but u will need me some where to complete ur picture.
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ibadat se dil ko aabad karna...
gunaho ko dil se azaad karna...

hamari bas itni si gujaris hai ki....
hume bhi apne dosto me yaad karna.........
Best Friends SMS send free sms
Friendship is vast like Universe, deep like Ocean, high like Sky, strong like Iron, kind like Mother, cute like Me, and sweet like U!
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